2015 Video Challenge Begins!

The Video & Poster Challenge is back!  Click here for details

Next Meeting Dates

Monday January 12th, 7:00 pm Walpole High School

Tuesday January 13th,

10:00 am Room 116 Town Hall


Thank you to these local businesses that have helped support the Walpole Coalition this year. :

  1. 204 Washington

  2. Applebees

  3. British Beer Co.

  4. Chili’s

  5. Clyde’s

  6. The Patriot

  7. Peking Garden

  8. Red Wing Diner

  9. Texas Roadhouse

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Parents, Students, School Administration, Churches, Recreation, Police, Health, Selectmen and many other citizens from our community have come together to tackle a huge problem-underage drinking and drug use.   It is not just a Walpole problem; however, the social, cultural and community problem is very apparent in Walpole.  The Walpole Coalition for Alcohol & Drug Awareness’ mission is to strive to reduce substance abuse and delay or prevent the onset of alcohol consumption and drug use among Walpole adolescents.  This is a concerted effort of Walpole stakeholders to diminish underage drinking and drug use in the Town of Walpole.

In November of 2011 the  Walpole Board Of Selectmen approved funding to help the coalition with it’s mission.  You can see the full report of funds and activities on the Community Response page.